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Grooming and Spa

Treat your dog to an ultimate grooming and Spa experience at Woozelbears, where we have customer parking.

Our Canine Beauticians have expertise in a wide variety of breeds including the specialist breeds and grooming techniques. Our facility has top of the range professional equipment and products so Woozelbears can cater for any dog of any size, from breed standard hair styles to your own personal preference on how you want your dog to look. Our senior stylist can advise on what hairstyle would suit your dog and lifestyle.

Customers at Woozelbears will receive expert attention from a specialist team who have a vast variety of experience. From essential grooming to luxurious treatments, your dog will be pampered from head to paw.

The grooming and Spa services that we offer are:

  • Full Groom- Our full groom offers everything your dog needs to look good and keep on top of regular grooming requirements. This includes dead hair removal, shampoo, conditioner, warm fluff dry, a nail and paw trim,  an ear cleanse and pluck if required, followed by the breed specific hair style (any scissoring, clipping and trimming) and a luxury finishing cologne spritz. (Please see pricing as breed specific)
  • Handstipping- Certain dogs require their coat to be stripped by hand. They will then have a shampoo, warm blow dry, a nail and paw trim, an ear cleanse and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.(Please see pricing as breed specific)
  • Cording- Certain dogs require their coat to be intricately woven into cords. This initially requires a series of appointments to achieve this style but once corded it’s easy to maintain and is very popular in breeds such as the Spanish water dog. (£17 per hour)
  • Wash and Fluff dry – this includes dead hair removal, a shampoo and conditioner, a warm blow dry, a nail clip and a luxury finishing cologne spritz. This is extremely popular for breeds such as the Labrador. (Please see pricing as breed specific)
  • Complimentary Introductory Puppy Pack- A free service where we will slowly introduce your puppy to the grooming environment with a gentle brush through and a relaxing wash with a sensitive puppy shampoo. We will then introduce your puppy to a warm blow dryer ready for future appointments. He will then have a rest in his bed with a bowl of water until you are ready to collect him. Puppies must be under 4 months and have completed their vaccination course. (FREE)

Lavish Spa Facial

This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial scrub soothes and balances the skin. It has natural exfoliating activity and aids in hydration of the skin. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, without irritating the eyes. SPA facial is great for all skin types and pets of all ages. *£7.00*

SPA Fresh

Refreshing cucumber, white tea and fresh vanilla have been chosen for their purifying properties to boost circulation and help combat the effect of toxins. Dead skin cells will be washed away leaving your pet looking naturally radiant, nourished and healthier. Your pet SPA fresh bath experience will be deep cleansing, refreshing and naturally aromatic. *£5.00 (As an add on to any wash or groom). *

Dead Sea Mud Bath

The Dead Sea Mud bath restores the coats natural beauty while de-stressing the pet. This rich formula repels fleas and ticks whilst remaining hypo-allergenic and safe for dogs of all ages. The essential oils and minerals strengthen the skins immune system and prevents broken hairs. The treatment also helps with blood circulation as it is massaged into the coat. Impurities and toxins are eliminated giving a deep cleansing experience whilst leaving a long lasting fragrance. *£25.00-£40.00 (depending on the size of your dog).*


Treat your dog to a moisturizing spa paw treatment. Starting with a deep cleaning paw fizz treatment followed by a sani scrub to remove dirt and exfoliate the paws. This is followed by an application of crème combining the soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins to restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads. This will leave your pets paws feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. £10.00 (or £5 added onto a wash/groom)

coat colour enhancement

Coat Enhancing and Whitening Conditioning Bath- naturally enhance the intensity of your dogs coat colour using our rich, conditioning (non-bleach) shampoos. Suitable for black, red, brown and white coats, leaving them silky sleek and super shiney. £5.00 (An add on extra to any wash/groom)


inbetween Grooms

  • Quick Groom (30mins)- This can be done to remove dead hair and prevent matting to keep your dog’s coat in top condition inbetween each full groom. A busy lifestyle can make it hard to keep on top of regular coat maintenance especially in breeds such as the Cockerpoo, Shitzu and Lhasa Apso and the double coated breeds such as the Husky, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. £12
  • Nails clipping - No appointment necessary. Just give us a call to check a groomer is on. £7
  • Ear plucking and cleaning - You don't have to wait until your next groom to keep on top of your dog's ear care. £8-£10
  • Eye trim - It's always nice for your dog to see where they are going. Book themn for an eye trim. £7
  • Foot trim - If your dog's feet get very hairy in-between grooms and they are brining in all the wet and dirt, book them in for a feet trim. £10