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What Clients Say

We always appreciate receiving good feedback from our clients and we also enjoy sharing it with you as well. Here are some examples.

We thought we were going to have to have Willow put down as he could hardly walk out to the garden. Hydrotherapy was suggested so we took him to Woozelbears. After just 3 sessions there was an improvement in his joints. After 6 sessions he was walking round the fields again. Willow will always have arthritis but by keeping up his hydrotherapy he is having a much better quality of life. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Owner: Antony and Julie
Dog: Willow
Clinical Condition: Hip Dysplasia, Spondylosis and Arthritis

Annie had a bad experience with a previous groomer and was terrified of having anything done. Margaret has been brilliant, very patient with us and Annie. Slowly over the last 6 months Annie, with Margaret’s help, has overcome her fears and is now as good as gold during grooming-almost to the point of enjoying coming! Definitely would recommend Woozelbears

Dog: Annie, Miniature Schnauzer
Clinical Condition: Grooming

I am so happy to have this opportunity to thank Charlotte and her Woozelbears. For their loving and caring help with Poppy after her slipped disc last April. There help and support have given me back my loving companion Poppy. All my thanks Peter.

Owner: Peter
Dog: Poppy, 9 yrs
Clinical Condition: Disc Herniation caused paralysis

She became very lame and was walking very strangely, we thought she was suffering badly and the vet would tell us to have her put down. She has been on anti-inflammatories, pain killers and Glucosamine tablets for 4 years. Our vet suggested Woozelbears in June 2011 and we are amazed how quickly she has improved. She is back to 30 minutes walking/running off lead everyday and her medication is gradually being reduced. She is now much happier and it’s amazing the difference hydrotherapy has made. Thanks to Charlotte and we are so lucky it’s here in Witney

Owner: Dawn
Dog: Sapphire, 9 year old Golden Retriever
Clinical Condition: Arthritis

At the beginning of 2011 Buddy was in a bad way being totally blind and having Cushing’s disease, skin allergies, a type of Cystic Fibrosis causing a nasty cough and a touch of Arthritis. As a result of the Cushings he was also overweight, even with all his medication he was struggling. The vet said the last resort was to give him Hydrotherapy. He has been attending Woozelbears weekly for either swimming or treadmill sessions since January 2011. With loving care and patience from Hydrotherapist Charlotte, it is now November 2011 and the vet says it is unbelievable how remarkably well he is doing and although there is no cure for all that is wrong, his condition is kept under control. It is absolutely certain that without Hydrotherapy he would not be here today being spoilt and still enjoying life. A big thank you to Charlotte and the team at Woozelbears

Dog: Buddy, 10 yr old Cocker Spaniel
Clinical Condition: Cushing’s disease, skin allergies, a type of Cystic Fibrosis

10 months on and she is great. We were having Hydrotherapy twice a week for the last 10 months. She excelled and at 6 months the consultants have given her a free rein to do as we please. Woozelbears were great and using the Aquatic Treadmill has allowed Katie to regain full range and movement without muscle loss. Great going

Owner: Elaine
Dog: Katie, German Shepherd, 11yrs
Clinical Condition: Right total knee replacement

Louis called us asking if we had a particular brand of dog harness size 6 in black. We did and dispatched it withen 30 minutes so the dog would have in time to attend his owners funeral. We asked Louis how he heard about us and he replyed with 'Thanks for your excellent customer service, very much appreciated. I had tried to buy the harness direct from the manufacturer but their lack of interest was very off putting. Amazon just redirect to them anyway. So, used google, found you on the second page and your website was good. Main thing was the ease of finding address and phone number, I buy a lot on line and there's many sites that don't have these details and don't inspire confidence as yours does. At times when delivery is important, talking to someone is vital, and talking to someone pleasant and professional is a massive bonus!! Thank you again.

Owner: Louis from Surrey
Dog: Doberman
Clinical Condition: Buying a harness over the phone

I would just like to say how delighted I am with my Briard Peppers first bath and groom with you today. Having not been socialised until far later than what might be considered ideal she is a very timid, all be it very loving puppy who is taking much longer to train than my previous Briard. I was concerned that she might find her first experience of bathing a tad traumatic but she appears to have enjoyed it immensely even showing a reluctance to leave your premises. Thanks you again for giving her such a gentle and caring introduction to grooming, she and I now look forward to her next booking in November on return from my fieldwork in France.

Owner: Robin
Dog: Pepper
Clinical Condition: Puppy first groom

Many thanks for the excellent care of gooming and washing my little Yorkies, a very organised and well run company, I am very pleased and happy with the staff who run the company, my thanks to you all, I will have them groomed and washed by you again, this is by far the best I have found for dogs, and they get the best treatment, my wife loves the way you groomed them. Thank you.

Owner: Kenneth
Dog: Charlie, Sophie and Tim
Clinical Condition: Grooming

Just wanted to say a big thank you again. Ela & Blue look amazing. Blue looks like he is 6 years old! Truly a brilliant job and we know you went all out - your efforts are appreciated. And Blue has stereo sound again.

Owner: Adi and Nick
Dog: Ela and Blue
Clinical Condition: Grooming

Tarot, my 13 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, is so much more mobile since coming to Woozelbears. He's gaining lost muscle mass and becoming more confident in his mobility. He loves coming here for a workout. All of the staff are so kind and lovely and helpful, to both of us!! I highly recommend Woozelbears to everyone. Thank you ladies

Dog: Tarot
Clinical Condition: Cartilage damage and arthritic hips

Max and I both really apprieciate the TLC he recieves everytime we come to Woozelbears!

Dog: Max
Clinical Condition: Athritis

Miss Marple has been visiting Woozelbears for several years and loves coming! When we had a family wedding, staff were kind enough t tie her wedding ribbons in a brilliant woven plait around her collar! Always friendly and helpful, we can't thank the staff here enough!!

Dog: Miss Marple
Clinical Condition: Grooming

Really helped my beloved dog. I come 45 miles here and back. Worth the drive.

Dog: Toby
Clinical Condition: Arthritis

Dougal still has a way to go until he is back to full fitness, however his improvement in the last almost 20 sessions is very noticiable and is consistantly improving each day. He looks like a different dog, my friends and family have told me!!

Dog: Dougal
Clinical Condition: Both cruciate ligament damage

Woozelbears has been an absolute, and literal life saver for Jasper; he loves coming here and everyone loves him. His life expectancy has been extended dramatically and his fitness levels have always been taken to teir best thoughout his illness and set backs. Jasper's sessions here have become themost important, and enjoyable, outings in his life.

Owner: Sue
Dog: Jasper
Clinical Condition: Three legs for Hydrotherapy

Jasper's grooming sessions are wonderful and are made easier because I am welcome to stay and help due to his health issues. Everyone treats him with great respect and care and I would not trust anybody else with the care of my lovely boy.

Owner: Sue
Dog: Jasper
Clinical Condition: Three legs for Grooming

Lulu loves attending her treadmill sessions. Regular treatment has meant she has maintained good mobility in her older years which enchances her quality of life. The Woozelbears team are great, so welcoming and professional.

Dog: Lulu
Clinical Condition: Arthrits - Left Elbow

Magnum hugely enjoys his swimming sessions. They have given him increased muscle tone and on going flexibility so he can continue to run and play. The team at Woozelbears are friendly and professional and have always engaged really positively with Magnum. We both love coming to hydro!

Dog: Magnum
Clinical Condition: Pancarpel Arthrodesis

All the staff have been so helpful and professional in their care of Bramble. We feel she is in safe hands ad that she really matters to them. The hydrotherapy has made a big difference to her mobility too. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Owner: Malcom & Alison Mathew
Dog: Bramble
Clinical Condition: Both cruciate repairs

Everyone at Woozelbears is very helpful and professional. Lianne who looks after Ebony, is extremely good with her and Ebony, although very old, really perks up after her treatment.

Owner: Suzy Macpherson
Dog: Ebony
Clinical Condition: Hydrotherapy

Bess is a Five year old lab that was referred for severe Hip dysplasia. After 2 sessions in the pool this worsened. The staff at Woozelbears reccomended a course of K-laser therapy. After 6 sessions of K-laser her mobility had improved and she started on the aquatic treadmill. Today she is back to her old self happy and full of fun. Without the K-laser i think we would not have Bess in such a good place. I and Bess cant praise it enough and the helpfull team at Woozelbears.

Owner: Ian Cutmore
Dog: Bess
Clinical Condition: Severe Hip dysplasia

I just wanted to thank you again for looking after Mabel and making her look extra tidy and smart. She seemed to enjoy the experience and certainly didn’t seem stressed by it, which is a first. Although I won’t be a frequent visitor, I will definitely come every time she needs a proper groom ( rather than my novice ones!). I will also recommend you to others without any hesitation.

Owner: Cathy
Dog: Mabel
Clinical Condition: Grooming

Lianne and milo